• Impact X inspires goodwill work. Paksy Plackis-Cheng publishes book, hosts inspirational panel of thinkers and doers.

    Matt Kettmann Santa Barbara Independent Magazine
  • “As a life-long entrepreneur, I appreciate Paksy’s recognition of the importance of private sector accountability in non-profit and social B-corp ventures. As she rightfully states, “Investing capital in socially sound companies that look at long-term outcomes… is more sensible than simply writing a check to charity and hoping for the best.” Paksy’s apolitical, pragmatic approach to enabling social good is one that all forward-looking communities should closely consider.”

    John Greathouse Serial Entrepreneur & Partner, Rincon Venture Partners
  • “Paksy Plackis-Cheng has done an extraordinary thing. She has vividly brought to life the important notion that we too often silo what should be integrated. Pursuing financial profit and seeking social returns for our communities are not, and have never really been, mutually exclusive.  Indeed they are more often than not inextricably linked. But the author does not preach; rather she facilitates, with a good deal of elegance, the reader’s access to those inspirational people among us who have this wisdom and practice it daily.”

    Ronald V. Gallo, Ed.D. President & CEO Santa Barbara Foundation
  • Impact X asks that we not be armchair admirers rather, that we pick up the torch and find our way to this new society by contributing our intelligent best. This book is smart, illuminating, and contains an empowering call to action.”

    Jody Turner Culture of Future, Future Trend Strategies
  • “Paksy Plackis-Cheng gives the reader an international journey of philanthropy. Her inspiring interviews, successful examples, inclusive research, and sensitive intuition inspire us all to be partners in creating a more giving future.”

    Anne Towbes Philanthropist
  • “Many people in the nonprofits speak about the people and the planet. Yet, when it comes to profits, it remains awkwardly silent. A profit, at least a healthy balanced budget, is the oxygen for any organization: You need it to survive but it is not the reason to live. Impact X combines the heart of a nonprofit with the mind of a for profit.”

    Wouter Bax Deputy Chief, NOS 24 (Dutch News Public Broadcasting Station)