A Few Attendees Comments

Bravo!!  The book launch last night was amazing!!!

It was inspirational and I really enjoyed being there to hear the stories.  I spoke about some of them in the office today and will be thinking about new ways we can work together to increase engagement and impact to make a positive difference.

– Kathleen

Subject: Event yesterday

That was an enjoyable event yesterday … met a lot of interesting folks I don’t normally come into contact with.

I am now finally able to look at your book, and finding it fascinating. You picked a lot of people with a compelling view of how they want to interact with the community.

– Duncan

Subject: Thank you

Again much appreciation and admiration for assembling such a great group of kindred spirits!

– Teresa

Subject: Wonderful event today

I so enjoyed your book launch event! You and your panel are so impressive with your vision to make a difference.


I was thrilled to be in the audience for the launch of your book this afternoon.

The panel was terribly impressive.


– Meg

Subject: Congratulations!!

You rock!  So impressive today.

Thank you again for this fascinating discussion. The breadth of expertise presented was very impressive, and it is exciting to see so many business committed to change.  Congratulations!!

– Pat

Congratulations on the great event, truly enjoyable!!

– Travis

Subject: Thanks

So impressed with your event last night.

– Matt

Subject: Yesterday

Great job! You are a natural! I am so proud of you! Love

– Anne

It was a great event tonight!

– Sandy

Kudos again on your successful book launch yesterday! I am really looking forward to reading ImpactX. You are an inspiration!

– Kristi

What a great turnout – a testament to what you are doing.

Congrats, the book is beautiful – I can’t wait to sit and read it.

– Nancy

Subject: Fantastic concept

What a great job you’ve done with Impact X. I was most impressed by the whole presentation.

– Susan

Subject: What an event!!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it.  I am so proud of you and the work you did to create the book.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

P.S.  My offer still stands to have you speak with the class about authoring a book.

– Kelly

I was so thrilled I got to partake in the launch of your book. The event was incredible and you were amazing. I learned so much and look forward to reading your book.

– Alice

Your event last night was informative, inspirational and interesting!

Congratulations for writing the book and for helping to inspire us all.

I might add that you are an excellent speaker and I hope that you continue on with your gift!

– Marjorie

What a fantastic event!! You are so inspiring!!  I’ve enjoyed reading the book.  So many fascinating people!!

– Theresa

What a fantastic event!

– Fabiana

Subject: Wonderful event

Your book launch on Thursday was so wonderful and inspiring!

I am so proud and happy for you!

Ordering the book now.

– Masha

I bought a hard copy!  It was an amazing event.

– Rob

Subject: It was great…

It was wonderful to visit your book launch. You said that by this event you wanted to get people a chance to have a short chat with incredible, inspiring entrepreneurs and change makers. I think it was so inspiring! I am rather shy by nature, but your words made an impact on my willingness to reach out and connect with people. Thank you for that!

I have started reading your book on Kindle. I’m sure I can learn a great deal from it as I have learned from your presentation.

– Oksana

We want to buy some books!!

Amazing evening!!!

– Naila

Subject: A brilliant evening

You are a prodigy and the speakers you assembled were fresh thinkers who left us with a radically new image of what the future world might look like…

– Martin

What a great event! You were fantastic. Everyone had a terrific time.

– Wendy

Ik vond het oprecht inspirerend, ga je boek met veel plezier lezen!

– Ilse

Subject: How do we buy the non-Kindle version…

The launch was fantastic – you are gracious and poised and knowledgable. The guest panel added interesting perspectives- cannot stop thinking of the hazelnut venture and how proud that couple must feel to have left their traditional jobs to create it.

– Laurel

I heard it was amazing. Going to buy the book…

– Caroline

Thanks for an uplifting and intellectual presentation to enjoy on my birthday!  The book looks great.

– Mary Jane

[Marcello Palazzi’s] material was spectacular. Congrats on the great event!

– Mark

…my deep thanks for including me in such a wonderful event.  I really enjoyed it.

– Bruce

It was a fabulous event!

– Catherine

Congratulation! You pulled it off. A really great event!

– Maurice

Congratulations on your event last week!

– Mark

Brava Paksy – it was a spectacular event!

– Joan

What a lovely event. Very thought-provoking. I’m looking forward to reading my copy of your book. Congratulations!

– Katherine

I loved your Impact X presentation. Amazing!!

– Tracy

Thank you, Paksy, for focusing on all that is good.  I so appreciated the speakers and what they are doing for humanity.

I bought your orange ribbon so I can now plug it into my port and enjoy this wonderful book on the computer.  Your work has truly inspired me and many others.

– Barbara


It was a truly amazing event and I wanted to congratulate you on such a success!

– Alissa

I enjoyed your event so much.

– Barbara


You have one of the most unique projects in the works that I’ve encountered in a long time.

– Susan

I really appreciate your work, your intelligence and your humanity.
– Peter

I was very honored to be there with you and your remarkable colleagues, all of them. I left greatly inspired, and continue to be as I read through the book.


– Elizabeth