impactmania Amsterdam issue is out!


impactmania, a continuation of the book, Impact X, showcases people and projects that drive social, cultural and economic impact. The best projects affect all the above areas. Marcello Palazzi, co-founder B-Corp Europe, keynote speaker at the Impact X book launch in Santa Barbara, California speaks about for-benefit companies — ventures that drive profit and purpose.

From the book, also an interview with Hans Vermeulen, co-founder and partner at DUS Architects. Vermeulen and his team have been testing how to recycle plastic bottles into panels for 3D-print shelters in disaster-struck areas. Apart from tinkering with a massive 3D-printer in the backyard, Vermeulen has been involved in cooperatives that rethink energy, food, and water issues.

Also working on food, water, and energy issues is Philip van Traa, founder of GrownDownTown. impactmania finds tranquil green space on the roof of one of Europe’s largest start-up ecosystem hub B. Amsterdam where van Traa is growing greens for the two restaurants in the building.

Strøm Creative Marketing’s Marcel Jansen advises typical Dutch phenomena such as a large flower collaborative, a popular Amsterdam market, and one of Holland’s largest garden centers. Jansen explains why local Amsterdammers do not venture out into the city center any longer.

Rachel van der Pol, chief editor Weekend Magazine at Dutch commercial television, RTL Nederland, shows that you can do something every day. With the tongue in cheek: Ik red the wereld, I save the world, she shows how to do one good deed a day.

For a global art and cultural, tech and community impact — impactmania turns to the Gogh Museum. We sit down with Van Gogh Museum’s director, Axel Rüger, explaining the world’s passion for Van Gogh. And also why there is a role for large cultural institutions to help address world issues.

Another global impact maker, prolific designer, Marcel Wanders, has been involved in a stream of global collaborations with companies such as Alessi, Louis Vuitton, and Puma to designing hotels in Amsterdam, Miami, Zürich, Doha, and Mallorca. Wanders’s impact is across-borders and cross-cultural. Read how design can add to a social and political dialogue. And why he would like to build a mosque.

Fleur Bakker and Jihad Asad from The Refugee Company in Amsterdam provide a sense of home to hundreds of refugees by giving them opportunities to participate in their adopted country.

After witnessing shock and awe from the endless news cycles, impactmania has decided to draw a focus on people who tackle many of the societal issues we face today. This year, we will be featuring impact makers in 12 cities across 5 continents.

Here is a glimpse of Amsterdam, the most crowded city in one of the world’s most crowded country, crowded with impact makers.


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