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The San Francisco Issue


San Francisco is synonymous with start-ups.

To start is something — to sustain and scale is more complicated.

impactmania found an anti-shark tank way to scale your business. We have a special interview with Alissa Sears, co-founder of adVentures Academy, who works with entrepreneurs nationwide to show that there is a way to hold on to your company’s true north by connecting with value-aligned investors.

If you want to start something meaningful and fun — give and volunteer through UniversalGiving, an interview with founder and CEO Pamela Hawley.

You can also help protect the lungs of the world, our ocean, through Mission Blue and National Geographic Explorer in Residence and marine biologist Sylvia Earle.

Or, join CEO of Opportunity Collaboration, Topher Wilkins, and 400 global leaders, who annually un-conference and collaborate on addressing poverty alleviation.

Not only San Francisco private and nonprofit sectors are innovative — San Francisco City and County Treasurer, Jose Cisneros shows steps toward financial literacy and inclusion of all San Franciscans. Cisneros discusses two innovative public programs: Bank on San Francisco and Kindergarten to College Savings Program. The program is based on the research that kindergartners who have college funds are six-times more likely to attend college, no matter the amount in the bank.

Nínive Calegari is also passionately supporting under-resourced students in San Francisco. Calegari co-founded cool 826 Valencia: The Writing Center and Pirate Supply Store!

And when young pirates and mermaids go to college, they should think about programming. Robin Hauser Reynolds, Director/Producer of CODE Documentary, shares why we need more diversity in the science and tech world.

One of impactmania’s contributors, Chelsea Catania, wrote about diversity in science & technology. impactmania has covered brilliant examples of women in science and technology: U.S. Presidential Award winner for her work in STEM, Maja Mataric, and Leah Kuritzky who is researching laser lighting.

This month, we also feature Academy Award and Emmy Award winning editor, Charlotte Grossman, who has been in tech for decades. Grossman shares why it is still about story telling.

Start your story of significance today!


P.S. San Francisco Featured Artists are painter Gordon Studer and photographer Stephanie Rausser. And what is Fan Fiction? San Francisco’s student contribution comes from Joanna Lamstein. Check it out.

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