Women of Impact

Because “You Can’t Be What You Can’t See.” Marian Wright Edelman

After interviewing 150+ impact makers in 18 cities across 5 continents in 2016, impactmania will feature 101 Women of Impact in 2017. From Atlanta, USA to Uganda, Africa. Here are the first 60 Women of Impact.


In 2017, we will continue featuring people who drive social, cultural, and economic impact and will be adding themes critical for a more thoughtful and inclusive society.

You will meet 101 Women of Impact: founders, CEOs, and movement makers across various fields. Their impact must be recognized and supported.

We hope that you’ll continue to make impact with us as we move forward, whether that’s by reading our articles, reaching out to collaborate, or becoming a Founding Member.


We promised guests at the launch of impactmania at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) that we would feature thinkers and doers who drive cultural, social and economic impact in 12 cities across 5 continents. To emphasize our international nature and the ties that binds us all as one global community.

Within ten months, we’ve interviewed more than 150 people in 18 countries across 5 continents, spanning various fields and different for-profit and for-purpose enterprises.

We demonstrated that the world is interconnected with change makers who deserve and need your support. Our connected community has tremendous power. As one example, we connected and brokered a strategic alliance between Universal Giving in San Francisco and Trekking for Kids in Washington D.C., to accelerate positive change in orphanages around the world.

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